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Brianna; 18. I love LOZ. This blog is basically a fanart blog- I don’t draw any of the fanart I post. This blog is %100 Zelda :) I love anime and A:TLA. You can check out my other fandom blogs above. You can visit my dream address at 5800-4095-3064!
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Oops. I didn’t see this one in my inbox @_@ I can’t think of anything else (I’ve answered like 3 of these in the last day or so I think?) so I’m just gonna do loz-related stuff.

  • My first Zelda game was Oracle of Ages
  • My favorite ocarina song from OoT is the Minuet of Forest
  • My favorite boss from Skyward Sword is Tentalus
  • My favorite sidekick is a tie between Fi and Midna
  • The Redeads from The Wind Waker scare me the most, out of all the enemies in the loz series @_@
  • My favorite boss from The Wind Waker is Kalle Demos; that boss fight is so gorgeous even though it’s trying to devour Makar *_*
  • My favorite antagonist is Zant from TP
  • My favorite weapon is the Hero’s Bow- I like sniping off opponents >:)
  • My favorite race is the Sheikah :)
  • Fierce Deity is my favorite transformation of Link ;D
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